Eataly’s name comes from the fusion of two words: EAT and ITALY. Our goal is to make people all over the world aware of the best of Italian food and wine and to promote the culture of good food. This is why we like to communicate the faces, the production methods and the history of the people and companies we work with, selected thanks to their attention to quality and sustainability. We do this in our stores, large spaces where you have the opportunity to eat, buy and learn: you can enjoy delicious dishes in the restaurants, ship the best wines in our bars, find the same ingredients in our market and find out how to recreate the same recipe in your own home.

About Eataly

Experiencing Eataly is simple


In our restaurants you can find all the best of Italian cuisine: from the most famous dishes to the most sought-after, you can order many different specialities from our thematic menus. We serve straightforward, simple food, for those who want to experience authentic Italian cuisine. We believe that with a few, high-quality ingredients it is possible to prepare great-tasting and satisfying dishes. From the full-service restaurants to casual dining and quick-service counters for those on-the-go: at Eataly, eating is simple.

About Eataly


If in our restaurants you taste a dish that you really like, you can try to make in your own home: all you have to do is take a stroll through our market and buy the ingredients used by our chefs! We present high-quality products from every Italian region and the best products from our host country and city. We offer a wide variety of food products, from artisanal producers to the rare, one of a kind production, from pasta to biscuits, from olive oil to the best cheeses and cured meats: at Eataly, shopping for high-quality food is simple.

About Eataly


We provide many opportunities to learn about Italian food, culture and beyond though guided tastings, demonstrations with producers and special events. We believe that the more you know, the more you enjoy: at Eataly, learning is simple.