Tea & Coffee

Japan has a great tradition of tea, but Italy also holds its own: the proof of this is the many varieties that you can find on the shelves of Eataly. And how can we not mention coffee? An ingredient which Italy has made its own over the centuries and which has become a true symbol of Made in Italy: come and discover it in many varieties, such as espresso, drip coffee, whole roasted beans and flavourful blends.

Water and beverages

Water is the primary nourishment for humans. All of Eataly’s drinks are natural and use no artificial flavors, no added coloring and no preservatives. We offer everything to healthfully quench your thirst: mineral wate, sparkling sodas with uniquely fresh flavour and juices made with freshly picked seasonal fruit.

Wine, beer & spirits

Italy is the country which produces more wine than any other. For Italians, wine is much more than a drink: it is something which deserves to be studied and appreciated in every detail. For this, we at Eataly are proud to display on our shelves everything that our wine-making heritage has to offer, from North to South. Spirits and our selection of Italian craft beers complete our offer.