Our pizza is made following strict rules of age-old Neapolitan tradition. We use artisanal stone-ground flours, yeast and extra virgin olive oil and then bake it in our oven. The result is a pizza with a tall, soft crust, left to rise for long hours, and topped with high-quality, seasonal ingredients according to typical Italian tradition.


You can taste one of the symbols of Italian gastronomy in the pasta restaurant. Our dishes are prepared with durum wheat pasta from Gragnano, where it is produced by the award-winning pasta factory Afeltra using high-quality semolina, then naturally dried and bronze-drawn. You’ll find it combined with more traditional Italian sauces such as Tomato and basil, Amatriciana (tomato and bacon), Carbonara sauces.


Many tasty alternatives for starting your Italian meal in the best possible way. You can choose from hot and cold dishes, including cold cuts and cheeses, vegetarian recipes, fish specialties and fried delicacies. All genuine traditional Italian recipes prepared using high quality ingredients.


La Carne (meat) restaurant offers a casual dining experience. Our meat is a careful selection of the best cuts of beef, veal, pork and chicken, all accompanied by excellent side dishes.


Il Pesce is our fish-centric restaurant, taking both a creative and traditional approach to Italian seafood. We always offer the best and freshest seafood as carpaccio stewed with wine and grilled.

Cured meats & Cheese

When in doubt about what to eat, or when craving a quick bite to share with friends and family, Italians always go for a “Tagliere di Salumi & Formaggi”. A platter of prime cured meats, from prosciutto crudo to salame and a selection of mozzarella, cheeses and condiments, enough to satisfy everyone. Pair them with a glass of Italian wine or beer for the perfect meal!


We use fresh vegetables and seafood as a raw materials and the best Italian extra virgin olive oil and vinegar for dressing. It is very simply, that’s why you can enjoy the quality of ingredients. Salads are perfect to accompany meat dishes and fish dishes.


All of Eataly’s dolci are made in-house daily using the freshest seasonal ingredients. In the Italian tradition, assorted pasticcini, or “small pastries,” are offered as gifts and served for dessert, as a treat to accompany espresso or cappuccino, and for celebrations with spumante.